General Terms & Conditions


Our general terms and conditions

Price quoted
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Payment terms
A booking fee of 50% applies to all new clients to secure services. Payment should be made to:

Account Number 13015864 | Sort Code 23-05-80 (MetroBank) | BIC MYMBGB2L | IBAN GB44MYMB23058013015864

Full/outstanding fees, plus expenses, to credit communication360 limited within 30 days of completion and/or upon receipt of invoice, unless by prior written agreement. Invoice balances outstanding after 90 days will attract an agreed late payment fee of 30% and may be referred to a small claims court.

Pre-payments confirm review and acceptance of our general terms and conditions.

If a booking is cancelled by the client, a cancellation fee will apply as follows:

  • 10 working days or more before the arranged date – 50%
  • Within 10 working days of the arranged date – 75%
  • Within 5 working days of the arranged date – 100%

Travel and expenses
Expenses which may include travel, hotel accommodation and subsistence in connection with the provision of these services are chargeable by communication360. Business mileage rate for car transport shall be chargeable at 45p per mile. Air travel outside of Europe shall be Business Class. Flights, booked and pre-paid for by communication360, shall attract a Service Charge of 8%.

Services and facilities
communication360 limited agrees to provide the agreed services in a timely, professional and confidential manner. If, for any reason, an assigned consultant, trainer or speaker is unable to provide their services, communication360 limited may appoint another of its associates to fulfil this agreement.

Rights and copyright
Use of any provided materials is solely within the context of the service/project supplied. Sessions (and elements within) must not be recorded by audio/visual means or distributed without prior written consent. communication360 retain all rights and copyrights to original materials and their use and distribution, outside of sessions with communication360, is prohibited.

This Agreement contains an understanding between the parties in connection with the matters herein and supersedes any previous agreements or undertakings (whether written, oral or implied) relating to the subject matter of the engagement.

Please acknowledge receipt of bookings and acceptance of terms by either signing the booking confirmation and returning a scanned copy, plus any Purchase Order details, where applicable. Alternatively, you may acknowledge that the booking details are correct and the terms and conditions have been reviewed and accepted by email, directly to your booker or:

Arrangements (consultants/trainers/speakers, facilities, travel etc) cannot be guaranteed until signed forms/emailed agreement of terms and/or pre-payments have been received.