Dominic Green

Industry insight and communication expertise

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Dominic Green

With an extensive background as a communication consultant, Dominic began his career as a broadcast and business journalist for the BBC, Reuters, ITV and Sky News, where he developed his interest in corporate communications.

Dominic later founded his own communication consultancy DGA before joining communication360. He specialises in message coaching, corporate storytelling and media mentoring. Dominic leads our training and development programmes.

Today, as a communication consultant and a respected advisor to Chief Executives internationally, Dominic works alongside existing PR and communications teams, regularly dealing with sensitive and complex issues.

He is commended for his people skills, rigorous questioning and challenging but supportive approach to message testing, storytelling, content presentation and change strategy.




Dominic has great industry insight and experience. This makes his work very dynamic. A great experience and very valuable.

Kevin G | Financial sector

Dominic helped us get to the heart of our campaign message. He helped us focus and shape our message to resonate with audiences.

Jack M | Charity spokesperson

Very helpful, professional, demonstrably experienced and impactful.

Colm K. | Financial sector

Thorough and rigorous training and yet surprisingly fun! Dominic challenged and tested our points, improved our understand of what the media are looking for and helped build confidence through expert practice.

Samantha J | Health sector